Welcome to the web presentation of the EFT - HE Ulog d.o.o., an EFT Group company.

The EFT Group is a European energy trading and investment firm, operating in central and south-east Europe. EFT is leading the development of a south-east European electricity market through energy trading, investment in new energy production units and building of new transmission capacities.


The Ulog project encompasses the construction of a 35 MW hydro power plant on the upper course of Neretva river in the Kalinovik municipality. The project is developed based on the concession awarded to EFT-HE Ulog d.o.o. by the Government of Republika Srpska.



EFT signed the contract for supervision of HPP Ulog construction

EFT HE Ulog has signed the contract with Stucky Balkans, a member of the Swiss Gruner Group, for consultancy and supervision services of HPP Ulog construction.

HPP Ulog project presented at the international summit and exhibition Hydropower Balkans 2017

Representatives of EFT Group, Slobodan Samardzic, Chief Electrical Engineer, and Nikola Maksimovic, Lead Hydropower Civil Engineer, participating in the international summit ...